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MIUI 10 Global Features

MIUI 10 Global Features Details: Xiaomi has started to roll out the latest version of MIUI 10 Global Beta ROM to the Mi 6, Mi Mix 2, Redmi S2, Redmi Note 5 Pro (India)/ Redmi Note 5, Mi Mix 2S, Mi 5, Mi Note 2, and Mi Mix.

MIUI 10 Global  Features :

( Updated up to July 7th, 2018 )

1. Trending music videos in Mi Music (India only)

Mi music app introduces a new value addition of ‘Trending Music Videos’. Take a look here how it looks:

2. Voice Notes in MIUI 10

voice notes integrated with your very Notes app. which is used for someone who takes voice notes during the meeting.

How to use it :

Open Notes app & Click the voice note icon on the home screen of the notes app.

3.new MIUI 10 Recents

In miui 10 Xiaomi Introduced vertical scroll in Recents. you can long press on a recent app it shows 3 options ( see below image step 2 ) 1st option is locks the app, 2nd option split screen & 3rd option is app settings.

4. MIUI – faster than lightning Feature :

MIUI 10 adds two new optimizations “lock-free critical path” and “co-dependant prioritizing” which helped in attaining 10% faster system compared to MIUI 9.

MIUI 10 takes another step forward. With the help of AI, MIUI 10 knows how to launch apps just before you decide to open them, so you wouldn’t have to wait for an app to load.

5. Single camera AI Portrait mode :

MIUI 10 brings the AI algorithm can now blur the background on your portrait shots. With AI onboard, single camera phones blur the background.

Dual camera phones use two separate cameras with different focal length to Capture background and foreground, and then merge them together. Artificial intelligence helps the Camera app in MIUI 10 to identify people on photos and draw the distinction between their silhouettes and the background. Background blur for single camera phones is the result of hundreds of thousands of photos being used for deep machine learning. That’s AI at its best.

These devices will support AI Portrait mode after upgrading to MIUI 10.

6. full-screen display

Xiaomi introduces a new gesture you can switch between apps by simply swiping from the edge across the screen. Recent look completely different in MIUI 10. Major mobile operating systems

7. New Design

Clock app, a new black background ( Image 2 )

Panels for adjusting volume and brightness have also been revamped. ( Image 3)

When you hold your phone vertically, press the volume button, and you’ll see how Volume adjustment panel appears next to where physical buttons are, which brings software closer to hardware and makes it more intuitive ( Image 4 )

Themes and icons will still look familiar to you will give MIUI 10 a much fresher look. ( Image 5 )

8. Sounds

New System Sounds

Taking inspiration from the ever-changing bliss of Nature, Xiaomi has done to make MIUI sound calming and pleasant. Just like every leaf on a tree is unique, notification sounds in MIUI are different. Listen to the comforting sounds of sand, rain, or fire while doing most mundane things, like deleting a notification.

Receive notifications with water sound. if you received notifications in MIUI 10, notification sound like water drop sound. ( image 1 )

Delete each note in the sound of sand. ( image 2)

Ambient noise ( Image 3)

There’s nothing more satisfying than listening to quiet rustling of leaves every once in a while. Setting a timer, you can select between the sounds of forest, summer night, beach, drizzle, and stove fire, and listen to them during the countdown. That way, the timer comes in handy not only when you boil eggs, but also when you need a moment to relax and concentrate.

MIUI 10 Features For Indian Users :

1. Paytm in the default Camera app

The default Camera app in MIUI 10 can scan and recognize Paytm QR codes. Scan the code, tap the button, and go directly to check out in the Paytm app.

2.Mi Browser services – Progressive web app (PWA) support 

MIUI 10 brings a lot of local Indian services to Mi Browser. Progressive web app (PWA) support allows you to use Flipkart, OLA, bookmyshow and other services in the Browser just like you would use separate apps. They look and work just the same, and you don’t need to download and install additional Apps from the play store.

3. Quick menu in Message App

In MIUI 10 to create quick menus in Messaging. example, whenever you receive an SMS from your bank, MIUI 10 will give you a set of convenient options for the conversation: you’ll be able to open specific websites and apps

4. Mi Music & MI Video (India ) :

Mi Music :

MIUI has teamed up with more than 400 content providers to bring you 10 million songs in 15 languages.

Mi Video :

In Mi Video. More than 500K hours of online content in 15 languages.


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