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LG to stop selling phones in China

LG to stop selling phones in China Report :

LG Is the One of the Top Most Brand In the World. LG Focus On Various Gadgets But LG has been struggling in the mobile business. According to financial reports, actually, LG  made a profit was in Q1 2017 in a span of 11 quarters. World Wide LG Exactly sold exactly 13.9 million smartphones in 2017.

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LG to stop selling phones in China :

LG didn’t even launch any smartphone in China 2017. And this year, we get an official confirmation why. The main reason behind it was the market competition from the local China Companies. No Wonder China Companies Also Occupied Indian Market. Present Majority of selling Phones In India Are china companies its open fact.

Present LG Struggling To Face This Companies In China Market. LG sold a total of 160,000 units in China in 2016 out of a total 480 million total shipped in the region.Only LG Facing Problems In Mobile Business, the rest of their electronic business will continue as usual.

Not Only China LG Also Facing huge competition from well-established brands like Apple and Samsung in North America. In Europe Market LG remained strong, newcomers like Huawei are growing to become market leaders.

LG Will Introduce Good Mobiles In Budget Category In India, Definitely, LG mobiles Sales Increased In Indian Market Otherwise LG  Mobiles are Disappeared in Indian Market due to Chinese Companies.

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