Android banker A9480 Malware Targets 232 Banking Apps Including Indian Banks

Android Malware Named ” Android.banker.A9480 Malware  ” targeting over 232 banking apps including a few banks in India.

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According to Reports From Quick Heal Security Labs This Malware Design for steal personal data from users, login data, SMS, contact lists and uploads them to a malicious server.

Apart from the banking apps, this Trojan also targets cryptocurrency apps present on a user’s phone.

What Are the Banks Indian banking apps that are targeted by the Android banking Trojan malware :

  • Axis mobile
  •  HDFC Bank MobileBanking
  • SBI Anywhere Personal
  •  HDFC Bank
  • MobileBanking LITE
  •  iMobile by ICICI Bank
  •  IDBI Bank GO Mobile+
  •  Abhay by IDBI Bank Ltd
  •  IDBI Bank GO Mobile
  •  IDBI Bank mPassbook
  •  Baroda mPassbook
  •  Union Bank Mobile Banking
  •  Union Bank Commercial Clients.

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Source Of  Android.banker.A9480 Malware :

Android.banker.A9480 malware gets circulated via a fake Flash Player app on third-party stores.

How Android.banker.A9480 Malware Works in Mobile :

Once users download the malicious application.Once the app is installed on

  • a smartphone, the icon gets hidden when the user taps on it.
  • The malicious app keeps working in the background while checking for one of the 232 banking apps.
  • Further, if the app finds one of the targeted apps, it sends a fake notification that resembles the banking app.
  • When users open the notification, they get a fake login window that is then used by the attackers to extract confidential data like login ID and password.


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